Centrul Judeţean pentru Conservarea şi Promovarea Culturii Tradiţionale "Cindrelul - Junii" Sibiu

The County Center for the Conservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture “Cindrelul - Junii” Sibiu

The County Center for the Conservation and Promotion of Traditional Culture “Cindrelul - Junii” Sibiu, first known by the name of The House of Creation, was founded in 1968, in order to turn to account and guide the traditional culture in this region. The institution activates under the authority of the County Council in Sibiu.

           The Center organizes activities in the field of lifelong learning and traditional culture regarding the preservation of various elements of folk culture. The Center promotes the customs and traditions of every ethno folkloric region of the county by markets, exhibitions, national and international folk festivals. Over the past years, the institution has been the main editor of the ethnological literature in South Transylvania, by publishing studies signed by distinguished researchers.

            Under the authority of the Center activates the Professional Folk Dance Ensemble “Cindrelul – Junii Sibiului”, which was founded by the choreograph Ioan Macrea. Ever since 1944, the aim of the ensemble has been searching for and reviving old-time forgotten customs, songs and dances, as well as accessories of folk costumes and traditional tools. The ensemble carries all around the world the message of Romanian folklore, the icon of our national identity.

            Here are some of the most important events organized by the Center: The Spring Competition for Young Folk Singers, Songs of the Mountains International Folk Festival, Potters` Fair, Ioan Macrea National Folk Festival, all of them included in the cultural agenda of the year 2007, when Sibiu was elected European Capital of Culture.




„Lucretia Ciobanu” Competition for Young Folk Singers

This contest-festival gives the opportunity to folk soloists to produce themselves and gain their place on the folk music stage. The contest is open to young people, from Romania and Diaspora, authentic representatives of the ethno-folkloric areas they originate in. "Lucretia Ciobanu” Festival contributes to the preservation of the Romanian folk heritage and takes place  in March / April.

The festival gala is meant to be a folk delight attended by the winners of festival previous editions, as well as well-known Romanian folk ensembles and soloists.



„Songs of the Mountains” International Folk Festival      

          Costume parades, folk concerts, workshops, traditional cuisine nights and art exhibits transform Sibiu into the home of worldwide traditions, for several days, in August.

The center of the city becomes a small universe animated by artists from all over the world who sing, dance and exhibit beautiful costumes. By means of a unique show of colors and music, characterized by spontaneity and uniqueness, the passer-by is introduced into the magic of folklore.

The stage situated in a very generous space, in the open air, is the meeting place and the performance location of the various folkloric groups participating in the festival. Each group has the opportunity to present to the public unique moments of the characteristic musical, choreographic and literary folklore.

The participants in this festival have the outstanding opportunity to observe and be part in folk culture acts, within the context of folk dancing classes (workshops) held by the choreographers invited to the festival. Folklore is better promoted with the help of songs and dancing, in a friendly environment, embracing the concept of acceptance and respect.

Every country's traditional dishes are determined by the way people cook, what basic ingredients they use and how they mix them. During this festival, evenings of traditional culinary arts are set up, offering the opportunity to enjoy good food and make new friends, surrounded by music and dance.

 The „Songs of the Mountains” International Folk Festival gained notoriousness among folklore friends and a special place in the hearts of the Sibiu inhabitants. Within the context of the European integration, the festival contributes to the promotion of Romanian and foreign communities’ traditions, approaching unity in the spirit of cultural diversity.


Potters’ Fair

On the first Saturday and Sunday in September, potters all over the country come to Sibiu for one of the most prestigious events aiming the preservation and promotion of traditional pottery values. The ''Potters’ Fair'' familiarizes inhabitants and visitors with the evolution and interests of potters and ceramists, as well as with the novelties and features of the most representative pottery schools in Romania: Horezu, Corund, Baia Mare, Oboga, Glogova, Marginea, Obârşa, Rădăuţi, and Sibiu. Thus, potters promote the most authentic works and make demonstrations of this craft, for selling their products.


„Ioan Macrea” National Folk Festival

Every year, the best known Romanian dance groups meet at “Ioan Macrea” National Folk Festival in Sibiu. This festival is well-known as the place where traditions meet, the place where folk songs and dances from all Romanian regions can be seen. Over 400 people: professional choreographers, dancers and vocalists attend this festival and thus Sibiu becomes the center of promotion and revaluation of the Romanian folksongs and folkdances, as well as an important spot in the professional training of the artists and organizations which activate in this field.

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